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Lawn Mowing Services Melbourne

Let’s face it, mowing can be a boring and tiresome job. Save yourself the effort and let us make your lawn look perfect. We have all the tools and experience necessary to get your lawn looking good and you can count on us for a top quality service in a timely fashion and affordable price.

At McDermotts Garden Care & Gutter Cleaning we take the hassle out of maintaining your lawn leaving you only to enjoy your little patch of paradise. Not only does it look good but having a well maintained lawn can add value to your property.

Speak to us today about signing up to one of our maintenance plans to suit your needs.

Why use our Lawn Mowing Service

All our gardeners in Melbourne have expertise in maintaining lawns so you can rest easy knowing we are looking after your lawn or garden.

Why Are We The Best?

Fast Service

We offer: A fast, friendly & reliable service at competitive prices. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Quality & Reliability Guaranteed

We provide the latest mowers which are fast and reliable and we pride ourselfs on delivering the best quality maintenance services possible.

Expert Advice

We provide expert advice when it comes to lawn care and will ensure your lawn is healthy and in pristine condition.

Lawn Care

Grass, lawns, yards, turf: everyone has a name for that green space but what it really is, is your own little piece of earth. Its yours to look after and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to keep it maintained.

At McDermotts Garden Care & Gutter Cleaning we take the hassle our of maintaining your lawn leaving you to simply enjoy it.

Lawn Mowing

Your lawns and edges will be left in pristine condition with all paved areas and surrounds left in a clean state, and best of all you can relax with the knowledge that your lawn has been assessed for any disease or other problems that may arise in the future

Lawn Rejuvenation

If neglected lawns can really suffer. McDermotts Garden Care & Gutter Cleaning can provide relief to tired, bare and weedy lawns by applying a careful maintenance program. Without weeds a lawn requires less mowing.

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